About This Blog

This blog is primarily about books and the concepts contained within them. Some books I will be reviewing in their entirety and others will be reviewed over multiple blog entries according to subject or chapter. This will provide me with a wider topical field than my previous blogs while keeping focused on a specific area of interest.

My primary focus will be towards self-improvement and wealth (not just financial) building. Throughout my life I have been progressively building a list of books which have helped me grow as an individual. I am now going back through those which have been of greatest help to me and will be adding some which are of more recent interest to me.

As my Christian faith is central to who I am, I make no apologies for any references to the Bible or highlighting of any parallels with Bible passages in my reviews. I fully intend to review books through the lens of my Christian faith. This blog will not be deliberately covering any controversial issues, however, I will be covering certain themes (usually centred around accountability issues) which can be misunderstood by people who have to a blame based approach to life.

There is a difference between accountability and blame. Accountability is about recognising the cause so that relevant change can be made to achieve a successful outcome. Blame is about accusation and punishment. Understanding this difference, will be key to understanding what I write.

I will try to put a direct amazon link to the book being reviewed (assuming it is available). at the bottom of each page, you will find a link to Amazon. Please make use of these links when shopping at Amazon as this is how my blog is funded. There will be no extra cost to you as it is taken from Amazons share of the sale.