EFR First Aid for the Workplace

This is the minimum certification for first aid in the workplace which covers Primary care. This course only covers Primary care for emergency situations and is not a full first aid course. A manual will be provided prior to the course start for self-study. Includes all training materials and registration fees.

You will learn how to perform CPR (chest compression's and rescue breaths). CPR is the minimum skill required to minimise the deterioration of an unresponsive, non-breathing casualty until professional help takes over.

This course also includes how to deal with:

Serious Bleeding, Shock, Spinal Injury & Choking.


£130 per person

£650 for 5-6 people booking as group

£1,200 for 10-12 people booking as group


12 people per course


Self-study prior to course start with 6 hours of Instructor led contact to include teaching and assessments.


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